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Kay Organics is a trusted supplier of organic livestock feed for families with a few backyard animals, the hobby farmer or the full blown organic operation. Kay Organics is dedicated to providing only the finest in organic products with carefully prepared formulas for your valuable animals. If your animals require a specially blended feed of organic components Kay Organics can meet your specific needs.

Kay Organics offers these great healthy natural products:

  • 17% Chicken Layer
  • 17% Soy Free Layer
  • 19% Chick Starter
  • 12% Horse Feed (Sweet)
  • 14% Goat Lactating (Milk)
  • 16% Dairy Ration
  • 15% Beef Grower
  • 12% Beef Finisher
  • 16% Swine Grower
  • 16% Calf Grower
  • 18% Calf Starter
  • 16% Sheep Grower/Maintenance
  • Whole Corn
  • Cracked Corn

Kay Organics

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