FurCode Electronic Pet Tags

FurCode Pet Tags

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We have FurCode pet tags now in stock at Brooksville Feed. These things are great!! Create an electronic profile for your pet complete with photo and when someone scans the code on your pets tag with a smart phone, your pets full profile is displayed. This is great for traveling, for your escape artist dogs like my Isaac, or even placed on your horses halter as added ID. I’m not suggesting to use this instead of a microchip, but it may keep your pet from ending up at the pound if you are easier to find.

furcode pet tags


Fur Code Tag ~ $7.99 (Assorted Colors)


What are FurCodes?

Pet Tag Scan Smartphone. Over 10 million pets are lost each year; a very small percentage make it back home. A lost pet can move fast—in and out of entire neighborhoods to new areas that stimulate their curiosity. When this happens, an easily visible ID that contains up-to-date information can make the difference between a quick homecoming or fading hope and heartbreak. Traditional pet tags continue to serve as the primary method for identifying lost pets. However, experts estimate that nearly 60 percent of traditional pet ID tags contain too little or often outdated information, making them virtually useless. In recent years “Microchips” have become more mainstream in pet identification. Although a step in the right direction, microchips have some concerning disadvantages. Microchip identification requires the missing pet to be transported to a location, during business hours, equipped with a RFID scanner. Microchip vendors also charge service fees, and administrative fees for ongoing updates to information related to the pet can become costly over time. The FurCode approach provides the pet owner with the ability to update their pet’s information with a few strokes of the keyboard…for free. Pet owners can visit their pet’s free online profile 24/7 to modify contact, vet, and care information. They can also publish photos, documents or any messages they wish to display (Missing or Last seen at…).

Pet owners retain the ability to choose what information they wish to make visible within the pet profile. With FurCode, anyone equipped with a smartphone or internet access can quickly scan or type a pet’s FurCode ID to find out where they belong. This “Smart” approach places a much smaller burden on the finder of a lost pet. This convenient and quick access to limitless up-to-date information greatly increases the likelihood of a pet returning home quickly and safely. Our approach: Provides a free online profile to store tons of info about your pet. Update at any time Stores all of your pet’s records and pictures for quick and easy access Captures GPS information when scanned or viewed and notifies the pet owner Alerts thousands of people in your town if your pet goes missing.



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