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Thank you to all customers over the years.

Brooksville Feed...

"We Make Going Organic Affordable"

Brooksville Feed and Farm is the best place for organic and natural high quality feeds, supplements, fertilizers and soil conditioners for animals or earth. As our motto says, "We Make Going Organic Affordable".  We have become increasingly aware of the harmful effects of genetically modified crops, pesticides, herbicides, antibiotics and other disturbing elements which have been permitted to be used on the food supply here in America. While we have built our business on the well-known quality horse feeds we supply, we have made a conscience decision to expand our focus. We will continue to be proud distributors of Seminole and Manna Pro feeds, but have added two quality Organic vendors to our line up.

Kay Organics…

“From the Earth, Back to You”

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 Brooksville Feed, in partnership with Kay Organics, is dedicated to being a trusted supplier of Organic Livestock Feeds.  From the family with a few backyard chickens, to the hobby farmer, to the full blown Organic operation, Kay Organics has prepared formulas for your animals.  If you require a special blend, Kay Organics can customize feed for your specific needs.


"Prepare now while the soil rests"

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In addition to Kay Organics, Brooksville Feed also is a distributor of Fertrell Natural and Organic feed supplements, fertilizers and soil conditioners. Fertrell has built a reputation for quality and service that’s second to none. Each product is built upon years of experience and time-tested for maximum results. Unlike chemical fertilizers, which can raise the soil’s acidity and slow natural decomposition, Fertrell products are proven safe and effective, just like nature intended. Fertrell strives to provide its customers with high-quality products in conventional, all natural and certified organic forms. Fertrell’s organic products are compliant with the National Organic Standards Federal Rule. Now you can have access to the highest quality Organic soil additives available for all your Organic Gardening Needs.

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